The Gateway Forum is a new web broadcast interview show focused on the science and business of building space stations in earth and lunar orbit.

The show is produced by Life On Earth Media in San Francisco using Zoom and YouTube technonogy for a national and global audience.

The Forum is a source for news and regular reporting on space station plans, design, and construction. It features in depth interviews and coverage of everything from design and engineering to finance and business development.

The forum has a special interest in the space industry as vehicle for achieving the earth's Sustainable Development Goals and providing good jobs in space for tourism and maintenance workers.

Now is a time of great opportunity for developing a space construction industry. We are seeing real world construction and funding for space stations and space tourism. Support for science and mining operations on future Moon and Mars stations is real and growing.

The success of the private space launch and LEO satellite industry has significantly lowered the cost of delivering construction materials to space. The commitment of the United States to the Artemis program with the goal of landing "the first woman and the next man" on the Moon by 2024, with international partners, is accelerating opportunities for private contractors.

As the International Space Station eventually retires, a new generation both government sponsored and privately operated space stations will come online.

Axiom Station is being built with modules first attaching to the International Space Station. Before the ISS retirement in 2028, Axiom Station will detach its modules and commence orbit on its own. Axiom Space, Inc. is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and orbital spaceflight services company.

The Lunar Gateway is a NASA funded in-development mini-space station in lunar orbit intended to serve as a solar-powered communication hub, science laboratory, short-term habitation module, and holding area for rovers and other robots. It is expected to play a major role in NASA's Artemis program, after 2024. Gateway development includes all of the International Space Station partners: ESA, NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, and CSA.

The Chinese Space Station CSS is a three-module, 66-metric-ton space station that will host three astronauts for six-month rotations. China will carry out 11 missions in two years to complete construction by around 2023. The station has a 10-year planned operational life. Planned experiments include international projects in the areas of astronomy, space medicine, space life science, biotechnology, microgravity fluid physics, microgravity combustion and space technologies.

Voyager Station is a rotating space station designed by the Gateway Foundation to accommodate business, manufacturing, national space agencies conducting low gravity research, and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a luxury hotel. Voyager Station will serve as a major vehicle for developing and growing the space construction industry.

The Gateway Foundation aims to use the Voyager Station platform to build a larger Gateway Spaceport that will serve as combined spaceport, hotel, space tourism complex, space science and construction industry platform. With a planned permanent crew of 150, a guest capacity of 1,250, and artificial gravity created by rotation, it will be both a major destination and a gateway to our solar system.

The mission of the Gateway Forum is to advance the space construction industry for the building space stations in lunar and earth orbit. Our goal is to be a valuable tool for growing a strong substantiable space industry and a better life for all on earth.


Contact: Brain Webster, Producer

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